3 reviews

Clean Energy USA

marker Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


3 reviews
Terry Holt

I contacted 5 solar companies, received their estimates, and Clean Energy USA was my choice. John Sertich ran the numbers, federal and state grants and what I would have paid the electric company for my power for 4 years, I would have the panels paid off. I have a 3200 sq. foot home and 700 sq. ft one bedroom efficiency and my bills average from 25.00 a month to 100. a month (when sunlight hours are less). So much less than the 350.00 per month average yr round before going solar. 4 years later, if I need technical support over the phone or in person you can count on Andrew to come out and help you. And it increases the value of your property to boot!
Jim Green

Great job on the installation and we're now the envy of our neighborhood with very nice solar installation by CE USA. Renewable credits are great and they take on all the paperwork on a continuing basis after the sale.Years ago, when I looked into solar power, the payback just wasn't there. Now with CE USA's system, I should break even in under 5 yrs. Considering all the financing available and state/local grants this has become a 'no-brainer,' according to my financial advisor. CE USA will take the time to run the numbers so you can make a completely informed decision if it makes sense financially for you
Susan Dube

Since I had Clean Energy installed this year, I have had all negative bills until this summer,however, this summer was one of the hottest summers on record. My highest bill was $50, not bad as far as I'm concerned.