30 reviews

Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery

marker Kula, Hawaii


30 reviews

Nice place to visit. The vodka is good but the rum is quite bad, it lacks the sweetness that most other rums have and taste basically like the vodka. Highly advise to visit, just not to buy the rum
Jess Gray

Lovely staff providing tour, tasting, and information. On a clear day one of the best views of the isthmus with views of North and South beaches.Highly recommend their newly released gin.A bit off the beaten path to reach but we'll worth the trip.
Rafael Ferrer

Excellent short tour. They know how to entertain and explain visitor about their business. Beautiful place and view. If you have never visit a distillery, I recommend, so you can understand the process. You can buy goods from them.
Lynn Rodgers

We visited here last year and had a wonderful experience. The staff was super friendly and enjoyed having us as guests. We bought a couple of bottles of rum and looked forward to seeing them when we returned. We went back yesterday, looking forward to our visit. The staff was rude, could of cared less that we were returning customers. Really wanted to buy the rum, but decided to spend our $$ where it is appreciated. You guys have lost your touch....get your other staff back!
Stephanie Garner

We had a great time. The tour was amazing. Brandon was an amazing tour guide. If you come here be sure to sample the Brum. Its a little extra but it was well worth it. Also be sure to say hello to Thomas OMalley.