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SunPower by Sun Solar

marker Bakersfield, California


50 reviews
Jose Castaneda

Best BELIVE they will put a lien on our home dont Be fooled the way I was it is taking forever to refinance my home and almost impossible due To their office that takes months to get over copies of the contracts in a ridiculous $300 out of your pocket to get any information from them this has been the worst experience trying to refinance my home with solar on it I wish I wouldve never done it
Tracy G

We just has solar panels installed and the whole experience starting with Andrew McCormack to the install team was a great experience. They were knowledgeable, they communicated and very professional. I would highly recommend Sun Solar 100%. Thank you for not being like most companies these days, we appreciate your service.
David A

This has been the worst experience I have had with a company ever. The trouble started when they installed the system, I was lied to sign the contract. The salesperson Matt came to my home and gave me the whole pony show we agreed to a specific contract. A week later I get told that there is a tree that is in the way and that would have to cut it down to meet the specific contract. So, I finally get an appointment to get the tree cut. And then I get told that the equipment is in and that its ready for install and the date is sooner then the tree appointment. So Matt informs me that the contract has to be modified to take into account the tree and I told him I rather wait until the tree gets cut so we can continue with the same contract and he tells me no lets sign the contract so you dont lose your spot in the install que. And that a later time we can add at amendment to the contract to put us back to the original, agreed upon by both parties. I hesitated but he insisted that if I didnt sign the contract that I would lose my spot and that it would take up to 3 months to get to me. I sign it 3 days later we cut the tree. And I inform matt of the work performed. I dont hear back from him for a few days. This was at the beginning of September. They for the next 3 months all I hear is we are working on it. then in December I get emails and phone calls stating that they want a completion of install paper signed as well as I have a $600 bill due. I stated Im not signing until my contract has been corrected. They start to push the final paperwork through. I start calling people until I finally get a call saying they cannot amend my contract and that they Will give me money for the difference of what the tree issue had caused. This is about x-mas time now. I also request that they correct this 600$ issue as well. They tell me they can change it, so my first payment is in the 1st of January. So, I agree to this. So here come January 1st I havent heard from anyone. I call to make my payment and they say I owe 700+ now nothing got done so I contact john and Scott at SunPower around early January again and they tell me they need the final everything was installed correctly paper signed. I do it and get the paperwork back to them. And again, I call SunPower to may my payment and they give me a $300 bill now and I keep asking whats going on you guys tell me one thing then other tell me another. Still no solution so finally on January 22 I got an email with the billing statement stating my exact amount due. So, I call the billing department again and ask to pay it again. And get about a 400$ bill is due now. I request that my due date be changed to the 15th and the person puts in the request. I contact the local guys and see whats going on they tell me go ahead and mail in my payment. I go out a day later get a cashier check and mail it. Now on January 31st SunPower decides to take out 400$ out of my account. Mind you my due date is the 1st. and the experience I have is that if the due date lands on a Saturday or Sunday the companys will take out the payment the next following business day. I call the billing department on 1/31/2020 around 1pm and requested my money back. And they state they cant, that it will take a few days and they must wait for my check to clear, I asked to speak to a manager, and I was told that they were in a meeting that they would call me back. My mortgage payment is not going to wait. It is 2/4/2020 and still have not heard from anyone. At this point in time I dont not recommend no one use this company.
Romeo Benavidez

I just had them completely installed all my panels they did the greatest work around Bakersfield. And were with me step by step and anything that i need was great,like they were there when i needed any answer and questions very great job i would give 10 star for these guy great job sun power
Steve Allnutt

Excellent. Everything happened as promised.