21 reviews

AltSys Solar Inc.

marker Tulare, California


21 reviews
Brenda Smith

Kimberly Lorenzo

This is a great company would recommend to all!
Steven Mitchell

Great service... very knowledgeable and helpful. I had horrible trouble with getting a response from the install company (installed 8 years ago with Real Goods) for a warranty issue. I contacted Altsys to help with installing a failed panel, and I got immediate response with great service. I'm very happy with them, and I will now use them for all future solar needs.

When I was on the market for Solar, I looked around and weighed different options, even looked into buying and installing my own solar kit. Thankfully I didn't, AltSys Solar Inc. discovered my electrical panel was a bit outdated, they ended up installing an electrical sub panel and solar panels for me. They even were great about answering any questions I had and explaining what was needed to get it up and running. The owner himself came out to take a look at the panel and worked out the details. Good people, great panels. If your on the market for solar panels, AltSys is the best.
Mike Watson

This is my 2nd project with Altsys Solar and I couldn't be happier. The 1st project was a commercial project which exceeded expectations. The process was easy and the system produces beyond what I was expecting. Because of that experience, I had Altsys install a system at my home and was once again pleased with the process. I highly recommend Altsys Solar to my family and friends.