marker Celebration, Florida


2 reviews
John Leftakis

The crew from SEM Power was fantastic! They arrived when promised and completed the job in one day. They installed 32 PV panels that look really awesome on my roof. Everyone involved was professional and courteous and explained everything to me as the job progressed throughout the day. The SolarEdge Inverter works perfectly and I can monitor my production either at home or remotely on my cell phone. I have a 9.12kw system and on a perfectly clear, sunny day, the panels have been producing over 50 kilowatts! More than enough to handle my electricity demand. And a big 'thank you' to Chris Rollitt, the company rep who patiently spent a lot of time fielding my endless questions about solar equipment. Very pleased with my system and with SEM Power!
Earl Hemze

My experience with SEM POWER was a very good one! I was very pleased that they did what was expected in the time frame they told me to expect it done. The quality of the installation that was done was not to be rivaled by anyone. ( I retired from a public utility and know the basic rules.)We are now enjoying our Solar PV system and feel confidant that if we do encounter a problem SEM POWER will stand behind their work and the products they sell.THANK YOU SEM POWER!