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Ambient Solar Energy

marker Las Vegas, Nevada


8 reviews
akimi bravo

Warning !!!!!!! Before you contract this company to get your solar panels Installed in your house READ my review. We thought we were having a great experience with these people but once we got our panels installed two months went by then we received a bill from NVenergy of $121 for extra usage of kilowatts meaning this company did not provide me with enough solar panels in my home to cover my power usage. I called to see how they can make it right but all they said it's going to be happening until winter comes and my solar panels accumulate credit with Nevada power which was never notified to me by their sales rep. I think it's unfair that the sales person does not mention it at all during the sales. Before I contracted this solar company I was only paying a fixed rate of $114 for over 36 months and all of the sudden now I got a bill for $104 for the solar company and $121 from Nevada power. Its August and still 3 months until winter comes by then I'll be 360 in the hole with Nevada power and 300 with them, its something to think about. Hope this helps you make your decision! I will hold this review up until they make the situation right.
Gregory Rugh

Who ever answers the phone is extremely rude and unhelpful
Lucy Leon

What a wonderful company to get your solar system and to be part of it. Amazing experience with 31 years experience, BBB and the most amazing and professional team. Totally recommend it.
David Turpin

We have never failed an inspection and are the fastest installers in the Las Vegas Area! Let us earn your business .
george williams

From start to finish it was a pleasure they delivered everything that was promised including updating my home with LED lights and 2 Nest thermostats. Very pleased w my solar so far no hiccups and over producing power every month. Id give them 6 stars if I could!