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Odin Energy

marker Las Vegas, Nevada


34 reviews
Carlos Lopez

Part of Odin's solar panel installation package is duct leakage repair. Michael D. and his partner just left, and did a pretty fantastic job of running Aeroseal through my ducts. The report I was provided states my ducts had 191.2 CFM of cold air leaking into the attic. By the time they were done the leakage was down to 4.7 CFM. 97.5% reduction! Whatever this Aeroseal stuff is, it's going to be worth every penny!
Tracey Hill

Working with Odin Energy has been an absolute pleasure! David Anderson, Tyler Weiss, and Michael Demerath are shining stars! They went above and beyond our expectations to make sure we were content. I will say, I couldn't be happier with the level of service we have received throughout this entire process! Highly HIGHLY recommend!
Greg Heath

The field guy (Michael) that sealed the ducts and installed the smart thermostats was polite, conscientious and thorough. Great job and willing to take time to explain what he was doing.
Ray G

Odin energy used to be HelioSun Solar. It is the same company out of Good Year Arizona. No!. This Co, is not what they describe to be. It is impossible for a Solar Co to retained 5 star rating. The way I look at it frivolous .They are only about the number and will constantly pressure you to develop or generate leads/sales., if you don't meet their number expectation, you are out of the door without hesitation. They will turned off the account link follow by a text message and good bye!. Very high fees when designing the system price and mostly always will force you to sale 'energy reduction' items. Usually their system tend to be undersize in lieu of adding unnecessary energy reduction...air duck seal....insulation....etc. In two occasion they have moved over different installation Companies. I am a solar rep here in Vegas and in 2 occasions I came across their proposals, and both time I took the sales...close!It was ridiculous the way it was packed with unnecessary energy reduction' garbage!. I gave them a bigger system more panel and production for less price! deal...! Had a bad experience with them and I am entitle to post this comment!. Apply on your own risk! and later find out!
Carlos Perez Jr.