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Suntrek Industries

marker Las Vegas, Nevada


12 reviews
Moleeay Trentini

I did a lot of research before choosing Suntrek when we first moved into our home in Vegas. The original paneling system on the house went bad and needed replaced. Amanda was extremely helpful in guiding me in the right direction and providing appropriate options. We did end up replacing the panels as the old system was probably 20 years old. We are still completely satisfied with the work done. Fast forward to two days ago when our control system was reading an error, I called and left a message. Amanda called back in a timely manner and helped me troubleshoot the error message. Summers in Vegas mean they get very busy, but JR and a couple other guys were able to come out the next day and fix the issue quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend if you're looking for professional work with great customer service.
Schuyler Pryne

There was already a suntrek system installed when I bought my house. Amanda helped me get some history on its install so I could make a decision to repair or replace it. The winds pulled a few collector panels together and caused the couplings to leak. After years of straightening them out and tightening clamps, I contacted suntrek for advise. They were very helpful and gave me quotes to have them re-secure or offered help if i was willing to do it myself. I am in the process of securing the system myself, since I have the time off and the weather is nice. They sold me all the parts I need at a great price. Most importantly they treated me as if I was the original purchaser, i must have called a 1/2 dozen times. I will replace my system with another suntrek when this one finally dies, currently 13 yrs old.
William Franks

This company does a terrible job and then tries to charge you again for their mistakes. Two weeks after installation the system broke down. The tubes on the roof come apart often, spewing water everywhere. They did not lay the piping flat; nor did they install a shut off valve to drain the system for winter. Their solution to everything is let us come out and fix it and charge you again for a job done poorly in the first place.

Good guys here. Very helpful when you're working for great solar energy product. I love products they offer, the care they give and their friendly customer service.
Edgard Sargi

I've used suntrek product two years ago, and always had the backup support even after the expiration of the warranty. Great customer service, honest and straightforward.