4 reviews

ACE Electric

marker Stillwater, Oklahoma


4 reviews
Alicia Farrow

Rex and Blaze did a great job! Very professional work. They worked great with each other. Ace was very fast in taking care of my electrical needs will definitely use them again!
Dawn Rivera

I'm a single mother who in these trying times had stocked my home for my children to the best of my ability AND THAT WAS ADAMS CONCERN FIRST AND FOR MOST! He and his team were so kind and on top of their game!! They got my power back on and made me and my children feel like their first priority! I can't say enough... THANK YOU!!!!

Very good service! They came out the day after I called. The lights in front of my house would not turn on. Turned out to be the switch. They also answered all my questions and suggested other people that could help with other house issues in my house.
Will Lowry