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Altenergy Inc.

marker Staunton, Virginia


5 reviews
TF West

We had Altenergy Solar Solutions out of Staunton, VA install a complete solar system at our home. We highly recommend Altenergy! They listened to our requirements and expectations and provided us with a thorough, competitive plan for our installation. The entire team was knowledgeable, experienced, and informed on current technology, practices, and installation. All of the employees we interfaced with were responsive to our many questions and concerns. The quality of the work was superb and the installation team was efficient and got the entire system up and running in a timely manner. We love the idea that we are now making our own electricity and reducing our carbon footprint! Five stars for the great job Altenergy did on our installation!
Rhoda Miller

We had a great experience with Altenergy! The staff was personable and knowledgable and educated us about the solar potential at our home. We were provided with a comprehensive plan for the recommended system that allowed us to make the right decision for our needs. The installation went smoothly and looks great!
Daniel Walsh

Dan Drumheller

Altenergy was recommended to me by a friend, and I got a quote for a VERY substantial system 23.8kw with 77 panels powering two structures. They sent a representative out to have a look at my property. Then, the quote came in quickly, with clear descriptions of what was going to be done and installed. I asked about 25 important questions, and they had the right answers. They handled all of the paperwork, contracts, etc with the power company. All I did was sign my name on a few agreements, write a check, and SHAZAM less than a month after I wrote the first check, I'm producing 20,000 watts and it's not a super-clear day. It's hazy, and it's not peak production time of the day yet anyhow! Also, I get 30% tax refund on the system, so essentially I only paid 70% of the total price because over the next two years I'll write off the other 30% and get tax relief for that. What a deal! I can not recommend these guys enough.
Steve Smith

Very responsive and thorough during the quote process. Our house has a challenging roof geometry and they came out to take measurements in person (and didn't just go off a satellite image).