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Advanced Conservation Systems, Inc.

marker Lancaster, California


8 reviews
Beth Pierson

We had a solar heater for our pool installed in 2003. It has been a good system and is still running after all these years. Each time we need a repair a tech comes out and gets it back up and running smoothly again. We recently had 2 leaks in a matter of a couple of weeks. The office pre-charged us for the repair the 2nd time, but I knew it wasn't repaired correctly. The 2nd leak was actually not our fault and the tech came out and admitted it and told us he would inform the office. They then refunded the fee. Thank you to the tech for admitting that!
Jim Oliver

I had an ACS solar system installed with my pool years ago. We hit 9 degree's a few winters ago and a leak developed. ACS came out and fixed the leak. Their service has been great. Here is an example of solar temps 'I gained '12 degree's' an 'hour' in my 'SPA' yesterday using my ACS system (4-6-14). The temps were as follows: outside temp 65 degrees, the pool temp was 56 degrees before activating solar at 10:00 am. By 1:30 (with the outside temp being 76 degrees) my spa was at 96 degrees using nothing but solar heat In the summer on a hot day I can gain 8 degrees in my 'pool' easily..but I can also lose 6 degrees at night easily. If I were to use a pool cover I could retain almost 80% of my heat gains. Propane was $4.49 this year (ouch) it was so nice not to have to use propane to heat my spa. Their Techs were very nice people, top notch.But management needs to brush up on their communication skills. I had to contact Corporate to have a matter (issue) settled. Also on a finer note. When my pool was built the owner of ACS tried to charge me an extra 10% because it took so long to build my pool 2+ years and that prices had gone up. I guess my 5K in his bank account for 2+ years was overlooked. He did not want to honor our contract, which is 'not' the way to do business. Update (3-22-16): they are a local company, and I hope their customer service has improved..A.V. needs businesses like this one...although I do my own repairs on my solar system (when the time comes).Also their cost to winterize a solar system is pricey..but they do have overhead, the techs are 'great' people.Update 10-26-18 Great to hear Kathleen. I truly believe that any business that draws a line and says 'from this moment forward we will strive to be the best, and follow the golden rule'. We 'all' have growing pains..it is part of life..sounds like ACS may have grown..again great to hear.I will update if need be, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to call me (ie names, dates, etc) I look forward to giving you a chance to earn a more positive review in the future.Thank You
Katie Thomas

Fantastic company. Bent over backwards to make me happy. Anyone who isn't 100% pleased with these people are the issue. I changed the layout of my system e times and they accommodated every wish I had. They beat EVERY quote I received from other solar companies. You can not go wrong with these people.
Josh Baker

Tiana Riley

My husband works here he does an amazing job .so please thank him for what he does at the job he works hard for everyday to support me and my family. A job is a job is what I say