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Perfect Energy

marker Loma Linda, California


6 reviews
Leon Calhoun

This company is a crooked co. They will make other charges to your credit card without your permission. They did mine and the first time I called them the man hung up on me. I called again and the woman talked to me but both phone calls were so I could not understand them, so noisy. I made out that they would not refund me all my money back but finally she refunded 2/3rd of it. The product they sent me would not work. They sent another one that would not work. Their items are pure junk.
Ned Brines

I have hesitated to write this for a couple of years given I like James (Perfect) and they hired a great construction crew, Goyou Construction, to install our system. Within a year we had issues with the system. While that is certainly not Perfect Energy's fault, their response, if you call it that, has been horrible. They don't return calls nor messages-it often takes 15-20 times to even get a call returned. More recently, we have had two panels not functioning since November, but can't seem to get either Perfect Energy nor NEP (the distributor) to give us any feedback as to whether it can be fixed, they will fix it, or even if they are working on it.
manny bobila

They are only GOOD if you do business with them the 1st time. After you sign the contract.. THEY DONT ANSWER YOUR CALL anymore.
Jamie Bird

Perfect Energy was awesome! They installed on my home. My family has been able to use our A.C. and space heaters as much as we could ever want. Sometimes we have the A.C. and the heat on at the same time. From signing docs to power turn on was less than four weeks!! James was great salesman and the price he gave beat Solar City, Peterson Dean, etc. I talked with reps from 8-10 other companies and Perfect Energy had the best price with excellent customer service! James has followed up with us and set up tracking so that I can check how much power my panels are producing with an app on my phone. Our panels look great! James took care of everything, permits, financing, etc. Installation of the system only took about 8 hours and was completed according to schedule. We've had NO problems and would buy from Perfect Energy again. The price given by Perfect Energy was so good that two of my neighbors also purchased from PE. Can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you!Perfect Energy was PERFECT for us. Looking for an electric car next!!
Sun Dollar Solar

Not a licensed solar company in the State of California. Company cannot legally contract for solar, and any homeowner has no recourse with the license board if work is abandoned or contract default.