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5 reviews
Steve Myers

I highly recommend TreePublic for your solar installation! It can be a very difficult process navigating all the rules and regulations, but Omar and his crew were there to help us every step of the way. I wanted to add 2 additional circuits for a spa and an EV charging station, and they helped with that too. The DWP wanted us to remove a gas line that had been there all along and Tree Public convinced them to grandfather it in. That saved us a tremendous amount of hassle!! All and all, the job was done well and the new system looks and works beautifully!! And now I feel like were doing our part to help the environment. Thanks Omar!
Malcolm L. Snead

Treepublic performed exceptionally well overall. However, my design and installation process went through several members of their team. This was not a problem, but some of the team members do need to be more proactive in reaching out to keep their customers informed. Treepublic is professional and competent and this 'wish' did not adversely impact any aspect of their performance. In fact, they were responsible for the recommendation that I reach out for at least three additional bids. My experience with those other installers convinced me that I made the right choice--Treepublic.

Ok so here goes a review that will probably sounds FAKE however I can assure you I am a real customer of Tree Public and you are welcome to come to my house to see their work! Long story short, I initially found TreePublic on Yelp but then continued to do some additional online research about them. They had GREAT reviews from everyone so I had them bid on my project (one of many bidders) and their response time was by far the best of the best and their pricing came in VERY FAIR AND REASONABLE however their customer service, respect for the customer, attention to detail, and overall feeling of confidence that they give to the customer, I was happy to hire TreePublic! The owner Omar, personally spent his time with me both during the sale process and especially during the installation and AFTER SALE process. I felt super comfortable with Omar and his installation crew. His installers were the cream of the crop in terms of the quality of their work and their attention to detail. They accidentally broke more than 'just a few' concrete tiles on our roof during the installation process and went out of their way to not only tell me about them and what happened, but also to get my permission to replace them...ALL OF THEM! I am SURE that this 'customer service gift' costs them thousands of dollars in both material and time to reinstall new ones however NOT once did Omar EVER call me with that inevitable 'bump' in price due to 'excessive broken tiles'. After this happened I knew that I was dealing with a really honest guy in Omar!Bottom Line: Consider me a friend of yours...who's advice and referrals you totally trust... and I told you about TreePublic when you was talking about installing solar panels. They are the 'Amazon/Nordstroms' in customer service in the solar business around Los Angeles/Ventura. I am not a fake reviewer, I'm not related to Omar, I wasn't paid a penny (except given a good deal to start with) for this review. You can see my profile as I review lots of different business and have been doing so for years. This review is 100% legit and I strongly recommend TreePublic to anyone looking to add solar panels to their house including back-up batteries.pictures coming soon!
David Bar

Treepublic is a great company that have tremendous employees who know about solar systems, your energy needs and how to provide a system with a truly great return on investment. They are easy to work with, do great work and make sure that you are informed and up to date on everything each step of the way. They truly care about their customers and work hard to exceed your expectation before, during and after installation. I would recommend Treepublic to anyone looking for a complete solar power solution.
Ian LaBon

Let me first start by saying I am extremely picky and a perfectionist when it comes to everything that Im installing on my home or anyone I have hired I expect the same. Trevor and his team from TreePublic break the mold for you standard contractor. They themselves are perfectionist and the system I had installed not only is functioning amazing it looks great! I climbed up on the roof to take a look at the work from the panels to the conduit runs they look perfect. Trevor never hesitates to pick up a phone call or adjust to the customers needs and I can be a needy customer at time. I have and will continue to recommend this company. Another note I have noticed with other contractors how much of a mess they leave after the job they left my job clean if not cleaner than when they got there. If your still indecisive take my word for it this is the Solar company to choose.