5 reviews

PowerFilm Solar

marker Ames, Iowa


5 reviews
Aleksandr Sursiakov

Very happy with PowerFilm Lightsaver Max. My wife used it almost every day for 3 months during her sailing courses. And now we use it during our holidays, keeping our phones, iPad Pro and cameras charged. This device is amazing and of a great quality. It does the job and keeps you calm, as you know that in terms of electricity - you are covered. Highly recommended.
Michael Brodie

Really cool products that let you take clean solar power wherever life takes you. Sweet for camping!
Austin Brennan

Bobbette Stocks

This company is no different than any other. Saying how they care about people. Companies fail to understand that things happen in a person's life that they have no control over. How can things change in a short time from a person doing a good job to we don't need you anymore. Seems they like other places only care about the money
Nicholas Hamblin

Keep charged with PowerFilm.