25 reviews

American Energy Advisors

marker Omaha, Nebraska


25 reviews
Carly Uarich

Completely terrible.
Josh Minturn

These guys started out strong and were very responsive to calls. After 3 weeks of leaving messages with them, I am exceptionally disappointed and a bit concerned that some service work that has been left undone will ever get completed. Are you guys still in business??
Vicky Morgan

The technicians were efficient and answered all my questions. There was no hard sell for further service...they just presented the facts and let me decide. They explained everything and were polite!
Adam Kanzmeier

After talking with six different companies, I choose American Energy Advisors for our HVAC needs. Joe Ellenberger did a great job following-up to ensure all of my questions were answered without being 'high-pressure'. In the end I made an informed decision with AEA's guidance. The installers were very competent and personable as well. I highly recommend to consider American Energy Advisors for your HVAC needs.
Justin K.

Bought a new system in August 2018 and just found out that they are no longer in business. No notice or anything sent to customers. Now trying to find out if we have issues with our system if another company will service it since this place is now out of business. Another reason why I am giving a one star review is because of how bad the install was. I told Joe that when the new system was installed that it needed to be air tight (as any system should be) and wanted to make sure there wasn't air that got around the filter since I have allergy problems. I was reassured that it would be. I kept having headaches for months after the install and tried multiple filters. One day I thought I would double check to see how air tight the filter was secured. What I found after taking off the fan service panel was about a 1/2 inch gap all around the filter housing to the furnace that was letting air through without filtration. I ended up going to the hardware store and getting a couple of tubes to seal the gap from letting air escape around the filter.