11 reviews

Harmony Energy Works Incorporated

marker Hampton, New Hampshire


11 reviews
Jennifer Halteman

We had our panels installed on our home last fall. This year we have enjoyed two months of negative electric bills! They were fast, efficient and very clean. Don't go anywhere else!

The whole Harmony team was fantastic for the installation we did. They provided an excellent product at a competitive price and they were very willing to work with me on the placement of the system. We did a ground mount and it was really important to us to put it in a spot that did not obstruct views. They were able to do the install just as I requested. Other installers would not quote that placement and were trying to get me to locate the array right were I wanted to avoid it. The team was courteous and they cleaned up the site very well. George and the other members of the team were very patient with my questions and really listened to me. George helped change the design to include an inverter I wanted and just rolled right with it. A fantastic job by the Harmony team!
Barbara Lozanski-Byrnes

We needed to have our solar panels removed and a new roof installed due too defective IKO shingles. Harmony Solar was the ONLY company with a licensed electrician who quoted this job. This job was completed within a week. The panels were removed, a new roof was installed and the panels were reinstalled. Thank you so much for a professional job.
Robert Anderson

Best solar company out there! If you are considering going solar then Harmony is the one to go with. Better quality product, service, and installations.
Brayden Zoucha

Awesome service! Absolutely LOVE my new solar installation!!