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Solar Endeavors, LLC: NH Solar Installation Company

marker Rye, New Hampshire


8 reviews
Ravi Sampath

My system was very professionally installed in June 2014. It has worked consistently for last four and a half years. The power required was calculated very accurately based on my electrical bills. In the past four years I have paid more than the connect fee to the electrical grid only for 5 months. I have had two problems: One was the wireless reporting of power generation to the monitoring system (no impact to function or financial), this was fixed quickly. The other was a micro-convertor failure (I have twenty-four panels, each has a micro-convertor), part was replaced at no cost (under warranty). Overall very happy with installation and service quality.
Nancy Siopes

We installed 122 solar panels on the arena roof at Independence Farm, Rye NH and couldn't be happier with the results, customer service and installation process. They totally worked around our crazy horse/riding schedule, showed up when they said and finished within the time frame and budget. The installers were professional and courteous and cleaned up after they were finished.It was truly a turn key process. Solar Endeavors did all of the paperwork, filings, building permit, the works. They were knowledgeable, answered all of our questions, provided references and spoke to our accountant. I even got a mug set as a thank you gift!!I am planning to have them back to do the house roof next. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a solar installation.
Dana de Bernardo

We are very happy with our installation experience with Solar Endeavors. They are professional and responsive, and it was very easy to work with everyone there.
Wayne Castonguay

Highly recommend Solar endeavors. They did everything and entire job done in a few days. Best investment in the world.
Anton D

I had tried a few different solar contractors in my area and nearly went with a rooftop solar solution with Revision but due to the angle and size of my roof, rooftop solar was not ideal for my goal of reaching energy independence. Having only an acre of land and wanting to keep some yard space and a garden, my options were limited. I decided a solar carport would be best of all worlds. Solar Endeavors was the only solar contractor I could find willing to tackle this project as solar carports are unusual projects in New England and require engineering constraints around wind and snow. They were enthusiastic and optimistic from day 1. They used a southern aluminum frame manufacturer and were able to design around my existing driveway and landscape. The project took about 7 months and went a little over budget. Overall, it was worth the wait and will be profitable in the long run. Most importantly, I will be producing as much energy as I consume thereby making myself effectively carbon neutral. Solar Endeavors is a small team best described as resourceful and creative.