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Powell Energy and Solar, LLC

marker Moorestown, New Jersey


8 reviews
Michael Strigel

Don designed a system for my home and handled all of the details through to completion. Recently I was contacted by one of his employees because a component of the system had failed or was underperforming, and they wanted to come replace it while still under warranty. I would never have known about the issue but Don was still monitoring system performance, 3+ years after install. I recommend Powell Energy & Solar.
Kourtney de la Cruz

Big purchases make me NERVOUS, but we knew this was something we wanted to do for the environment and because of the potential for savings long-term. Don welcomed our multitude of 'stupid questions' (said by me, NOT him) and was considerate of the fact that we are/were nervous newbies. Don provided us with good resources and didn't just ask us to take his word.Also, going solar is a multi-step process! Don is will you at each step of the way and provides support months after the system has been installed (which I greatly appreciate since I'd be lost without the guidance). Don provides step by step instructions and troubleshoots with his customers to make for a smooth transition to solar!
joseph malandro

Looked around talked to a few companies and Found Powell Energy and Solar after a friend recommendation, a pleasure working with the owner and designer of solar systems rather than a salesman who had to call for my questions to be answered who was just interested in the sale where Don answered them on the spot and was more interested in a satisfied customer. Was there for electrical and building inspections that went well and a Huge Smile was on my face when I saw my meter spin backwards when the system was turned on when just before it was spinning forward slower than it spun backwards. Making electric energy and saving $$$ in Wenonah/Oak Valley NJ.
Bradley Denn

I want to recommend Powell Energy and Solar. They have designed and installed 10 solar systems for our group of investors. Powell got the job done on time and took care of all the paperwork and details. Through the use of innovative systems, the solar systems produce more electricity than estimated. They also take care of any warranty work as their warranty states. If anything goes wrong, they are right there to correct the problem and get the system back working 100%. I cant recommend them highly enough.I am a CPA and meet with a lot of people who are looking to go solar. I always recommend Powell Energy and Solar to my clients because I know they will get a quality job at a fair price. There are a lot of fly by night solar companies out there and people need to beware. However, I never hesitate to recommend Powell to my clients and I can be sure they are in good hands.On a personal level, I had Powell perform an energy audit on my home and then take the necessary steps to make my home more energy efficient. Through their work, my utility bills have decrease drastically and my home is much more comfortable. The NJ Clean Energy Program got me a $5,000 rebate and a 10 year, zero interest loan to do the work and it has been great. The loan cost me less than the utility cost I save so I have more cash in my pocket every month and I have all new heating and air conditioning equipment. What a great deal.
John Colaianni

Don Powell and his team at Powell Energy and Solar LLC have been, and continue to be, a tremendous resource for our congregation at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Medford, NJ. I cannot overstate how impactful Don's guidance, expertise and patience have benefitted our Parish and the environment. Please contact me if I may be of further assistance or recommendation. But more importantly, call Don, it'll be the best decision you make regarding your energy needs. Respectfully,John ColaianniSenior WardenSt. Peter's Episcoal Church, Medford, NJ08/30/2013