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Newport Renewables

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5 reviews
Mark Matrone

Working with Start and the team at Newport Renewables was very efficient and well worth our time and money. We are excited about our project and couldn't have asked for a better team to lead us to be a much greener business partner in our community!
JR Gifford

Newport Renewables continues to be an excellent company to work with. They installed solar panels and a generator for my business almost a year ago. We recently discovered(after our first real power outage) some kinks with our generator which needed to be addressed. The company was immediately responsive and helped us to trouble shoot the issues the same day. They then offered a solution and scheduled the fix in a timely manner. Very impressive and much appreciated!
Michael Barclay

Quest Montessori School partnered with Newport Renewables to obtain a renewable energy grant from the State of Rhode Island in 2015. The entire experience working with Newport Renewables was 'white glove' end-to-end. They were excellent at shepherding Quest through every phase of the grant proposal and process. Ultimately, Quest was awarded a $250k grant that allowed the school to place 178 solar panels on its rooftop providing 100% of its electricity. None of this would have been possible if not for Newport Renewables!
John Civic

I just went live with my 9Kw, 42 panel array on my commercial building in Middletown, RI on 9/27/16. With respect to my dealings with Newport Renewables, one would have thought I was purchasing a 900Kw array. My experience was EXCELLENT. There were many challenges along the way, from dealing with a 35 year old 3 phase electrical service in my building to navigating the National Grid maze with the newer Distributed Generation/(FIT)Feed In Tariff program. From the planning stage to the installation to the 'Pulling of the switch', Newport Renewables, performed in a top notch manner. Stuart Flanagan ( a principle in the company) and his expert team of installers and electricians were extremely capable and competent from the beginning to the end of the process. I could not have envisioned a more professional and personal encounter.
James Houston

I cannot speak highly enough of Newport Renewables- the ownership, entire staff and all contractors were some of the best I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Stuart was extremely knowledgeable and worked with me on contract revisions until I was completely satisfied with the planned modifications and schedule. Communications were excellent throughout the entire project. Additionally, the Lead electrician (Dan) was absolutely fantastic (as were his associates). We discussed the ongoing work every day, and each and every one of my concerns was addressed to my complete satisfaction. And now I no longer pay for electricity!James HoustonNewport, RI