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American Solar Corporation

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28 reviews
Vista Verde

Im reading these reviews about people receiving solicitation calls. Well, maybe they should focus on the customers theyre losing during those calls? We connected with them through Tesla in February. It is now June and STILL no proposal from them. Chet came to our property a month and a half ago. Said hed work up something easily in 45 mins and call to discuss. A few texts and calls...and six weeks later, still NADA. The clock keeps ticking away on rebate expirations. Beyond disappointing.
Ryan Jones

Same peraon spam calls from multiple numbers. Thus company sucks
Florian Grossu

my experience was with Chet Stromberg,He was completely honest and straightforward, rarely do I come across someone as stand up as he is. Very intelligent and beyond kind and helpful. My home ended up not being in his service area and after finding that out he still stayed on the phone with me for 15 minutes to help expedite my shopping process for tesla powerwalls for my house. Who does that!? Id be hard pressed to believe that anyone who would call this company could be anything but happy.
orland abellanosa

Glenn Walker

Keep getting calls on a do not call number and Im sick of it!!!