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Southern Current

marker Charleston, South Carolina


50 reviews
Gary Poole

Well the install went ok and looks good but the guys just smoked a lot of cigarettes on site and smelled like weed. Not a good impression at all in front of my niece and nephew that was at the house at the time. Hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else.
Bernard Ellison

I am very happy with the high quality customer service and high quality equipment Southern Current provided to me. From start to finish they were always very informative, told me what to expect and delivered as promised. I am extremely happy going solar with Southern Current.
Karen Basso

After meeting with 6 solar companies, we chose Southern Current. Their salesman was the most knowledgeable of anyone we talked with, and also - when I mentioned an interest in adding storage batteries - recommended we wait, as they expected the price to go down fairly significantly in the relatively near future. Communication with everyone was excellent and timely, all of the staff with whom we interacted was professional and explained everything in great detail, and they were also helpful when I could not get the power company's form filled out correctly online. We highly recommend Southern Current.
Bruce Elliott

Entire staff was very professional, proposed installation thoroughly explained, and installation went well. Would highly recommend Southern Current to anyone considering solar PV installation.
Jim Isaacs

Solar Installation: Jim Isaacs & Pat Isaacs, Caddell Rd. Indian Land, (Fort Mill), SC 29707To whom it may concern:We are very pleased with the professional installation performed by your team this week!CJ, Ryan, Cole and Demetrius arrived on Monday morning after a long trip from Charleston, ready to go to work and go to work they did! By Monday afternoon, all the roof supports and most of the rails were installed a super human job if you ask me it was 96 degrees in the shade and there was no shade!Everyone was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about their job, answering any questions that we had.The next day, it was even hotter, and still they worked on and on and on! Pulling wire in our attic, which was almost unbearably hot then finishing the rail installation and fitting the first solar panels! We were impressed!The final day, they finished the panel installation, finished the wiring, and CJ demonstrated the operation of the system to me. Very nice!We are so happy to have gone with Southern Current for our investment and it is a major investment for us! Ive spent many sleepless nights worrying about our decision, but I will sleep well tonight!Thanks, all, for a job well done!Jim and Pat IsaacsAlso a shout-out to Justin Parrish, for his planning and words of encouragement Southern Current! The best in the business!06/13/2020 UpdateTrying to contact their service department and have been unable to do so! I'm wondering if this company is still in business! Left messages on their voicemail... as no humans seemed to be available! No response!06/16/2020 UpdateThey finally contacted me! Guess I was just a little anxious!