51 reviews

Meraki Solar, LLC

marker El Paso, Texas


51 reviews
Dawn Dawson

This company is a SHAM!! DONT BUY INTO THERE B.S. They are way overpriced and have HORRIBLE customer service. Companies like this take advantage of hard working people.
Charlie Estrada

Achilles was incredibly helpful and patient in explaining tha entire process to me. He went above and beyond by checking in with us the whole way. Any questions were addressed quickly with him doing most of the leg work after the cintracts were signed. Honest and trustworthy people. Very pleased!!
generic 1993

All these solar companies run the same scheme they make people pay 50,000 to 80,000 dollars for the systems they install. If you take the average electric bill in Texas which is $137.39 and multiply it by 12 months you get $1,648 a year in paying regular electricity. These companies roughly charge around 250 dollars per month.. Which adds up to 3,000 dollars a year on top of your regular electric bill
Ashley Wilson

Robert and Juan have been the nicest solar people at my door. I have had very aggressive salesman at my door about solar. I have read the reviews on here and was very skeptical with the company. These guys were very upfront in how the program works. This wasn't the case with other solar salesman I have encountered. They have been very honest and I am just waiting for my husband to come back to jump on board and go solar! If these two gentlemen come to your home I would suggest you let them explain the program. Most knowledgeable gentlemen I have come across.
Antonio Sanchez

I am very pleased with the info I was given by juan saenz and robert vargas. They are very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions that i threw at them. Very professional, honest, and follow through with what they promise! I highly recommend doing business with them!